To pursue quality as our hallmark to achieve customer satisfaction and safe reliable products.
Adhere to our own quality standards & national regulatory requirements to meet ethical & legal requirements.
Maintain quality of our products and services at all levels.
Provide regular training to our employees for their development &   continuous improvement in work method and to keep quality consistent.

Searle Pakistan Limited is one of the leading healthcare  companies operating in Pakistan. According to latest IMS ranking it stands at 9th position. SPL has a strong presence in four therapeutic areas viz cardiovascular, cough & cold, gastrointestinal & CNS. Company is well known for it's Calcium Channel Blockers"Calan", cough syrup "Hydryllin" ,  antiplatelet  aggregant "Ticlid", low calorie sweetener "Canderel" and oral rehydration salt " Peditral."
Searle is a continuously growing and exploring new avenues of growth, alliance and collaboration with partners in and outside Pakistan. This web site is meant to provide information about Searle Pakistan Ltd and continuously interact with the global community for exploring new areas of growth and excellence.

Searle Pakistan Limited
First Floor, N.I.C. Building
Abbasi Shaheed Road,
P.O. Box 5696, Karachi-75530
Tel : 5674321 (8 lines)
Telegram : SEARIN Karachi
Fax : (92-21) 5687693
Telex : 29145 SPLKR PK.