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IBL helps in running several social marketing programs in the field of education and health. Our social work does not pertain to situations within Pakistan - but we even crossed the global waters.


At IBL, we strive to improve the quality of life of our people, by taking care of their every need.


Searle Pakistan Ltd
Searle Pakistan Ltd. (Searle) was incorporated in Pakistan as a private limited company on October 5, 1995 as a subsidiary of G.D. Searle & Co., USA which had sixty percent equity participation. The company started its operations and acquired a small manufacturing facility in the SITE Area, Karachi.

Over the years the operation expanded and during 1984 construction on a new plot No. F-319, SITE Area started and production started in 1986. On 29th April, 1993, GD Searle & Company as part of its global policy, disinvested its shares in Pakistan.
On November 14, 1993, the company was converted into a public limited company with 100% Pakistani shareholding. Searle is listed on Karachi and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. 50% shares are held by International Brands (Pvt.) Ltd. (IBL) and its associated companies. The IBL Groups, including Searle is headed by Mr. Rashid Abdulla, a prominent figure in the Pakistan business community.

Current Operation and Prospects
Searle is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan having state of the art manufacturing facility. The company has consistently invested in new technologies and the most modern equipment, which has been instrumental in improving plant efficiencies. Searles manufacturing facility conforms to the strictest requirements of GMP and employs systems and procedures of the highest standards. ISO inspection by a team of foreign experts was conducted during May 1999 and ISO 9001 certification was granted to the company. The plant has significant room for expansion in capacity.

Searle Pakistan is best known for its products Candarel (a low calorie sugar substitute), Hydrillin (largest selling cough syrup) and Peditral (the largest selling oral rehydration salt). The company is also a major player in the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and psycotropic markets. Ten of the company's products namely Hydrillin, Peditral, Candarel, Aldactone, Sustac, Sosegon, Gravinate, Ticlid, Cordarone and Danocrine rank at the top of their respective market segments.

SPL is also a local licensee of Knoll AG of Germany, 3M and Pharmax of England. Besides these SPL is also looking for licensing opportunities with some major international companies.

Besides Pakistan, the International Business Division also operates in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and some African and CIS countries. The management of Searle forsees a tremendous potential for its products in these countries. Searle Pakistan has gone through a period of impressive growth in the past and has maintained a growth rate which is much higher than the industry average. In the future, Searle is looking forward to improving its growth rate in business development through various in-house expansions and some outside licensing arrangements.

Because of its past experience, Searle would be concentrating very heavily in the Cardiovascular, Psychotropic, Gastro-intestinal, Cough and Cold and Anti-infective areas. The other areas of emphasis are popularization of oral rehydration, family planning and mother and child care as part of its social responsibility programs.

Please visit the combined website of Searle Pharma and Searle Consumer at http://www.searlepak.com/
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